Burj Khalifa - the highest building on Earth

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the highest current building on Earth. Located in Dubai, one of seven emirates forming the United Arab Emirates.
The building rises 828 meters over the whole earth. Construction of the Burj Khalifa launched on September 21, 2004 near the main business district of the city in a newly built complex called Downtown Dubai. And official opening took place on January 4, 2010
The value of the entire project of Burj Dubai Khalifa and build the tallest building in the world is about $ 1.5 billion and was designed by American firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, a chief architect of the building is Adrian Smith. South Korean giant Samsung hand, is general contractor of the project.
In the beginning the building was called Burj Dubai. Time, which is under construction, however, coincided with the coming of the global economic crisis. Emirate began experiencing financial difficulties and the completion of the building is turned for help to Abu Dhabi, another of the seven Emirates, incorporated in the United Arab Emirates.
Of gratitude for helping the tower was renamed Burj Khalifa, in honor of the emir of Abu Dhabi - Khalifa bin Zaid al-Nahayan.
In the original building plans Burj Khalifa had to be entirely residential. Form is Y-shaped, consists of three elements arranged around a central core. Thus ensuring maximum penetration of natural light inside I. The chief architect of the Burj Khalifa was inspired to these forms of desert flower Hymenocallis and traditions of Islamic architecture.
In the process of designing the building had to be rotated 120 degrees from its original position to reduce the influence of wind on it. At its highest point Burj Khalifa swing it about 1.5 meters.
 Burj Khalifa has more than 160 floors and 27 terraces. On the lower floors of Burj Khalifa is open in April 2010 Armani Hotel. In most Burj Khalifa from the upper floors are residential apartments. There are also swimming pools and floor 122 is located at high altitudes in the world restaurant named At.mosphere.
According to estimates at any time in the Burj Khalifa will present about 35 thousand people. Due to reduced demand for real estate in Dubai, but in October 2010 approximately 825 900 residential apartments remain empty.
Except for the highest building in world Burj Khalifa holds many other records. Among them are the first building on most elevators. Their number is 57, but are also the fastest in the world. The speed with which move between floors is 18 meters per second. The building has its own system for collecting condensed water is collected in tanks and then pumped to the irrigation system.
On 124th floor of Burj Khalifa is located the second highest in the world playground monitoring. It was discovered and named the top. Height, which is located 452 meters above the ground.
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